First Impressions Count - Your Marketing Options

Marketing is about Perception


You are probably wondering why there is a bottle of water on this page?

There is no better example of marketing than taking the common bottle of water, free from the tap, yet with the right branding and marketing it can be sold at a premium price.  This booklet was developed to help explain your choices and to some extent how and why we have chosen to use the many tools available.  Property is one of those rare things where there is no recommended retail price to provide a reference point for value.  Two essentially similar houses can sell for very different prices even in the same market.

The initial marketing launch of your property is critical.  Throughout this booklet that simple statement will be amplified and explained in detail.  You must present the property in the very best light from the beginning.  Quality photography, the property’s positioning on the Internet, professional marketing material and maximising your initial audience reach should be part of the package you go to the market with.

The growing popularity of smart phones and tablets is also changing the way we market property.  Mobile phones and tablets now sell more than PCs or laptops.  We have reached a point where mobile internet users surpass those who access the internet from personal computers.

With mobile devices has come consumer demand for videos that they can play on the devices without having to try and navigate through a PC-based website.  Videos can be shared with friends and relatives at the click of a button.  Despite all this, print is not dead, it still has an important place, particularly when the web marketing surge has run its course.

The purpose of this booklet is to inform you about your choices to help you select the marketing and advertising program that will achieve the best result for you.  Hopefully it will also demonstrate that at First National we put a lot of emphasis on marketing and we bring a lot of skill and experience in this area to you.

Kind regards,

Russell Pollock - Principal


Digital Marketing

We live in a digital world

There is no denying that the future is here and there is no way more effective, in both reach and cost, than marketing your property directly to your buyer’s hand, whether they are living in the house next door or on the other side of the world.  The trick is how can YOUR property stand out from the millions of others advertised online?

This is where we come in.  You don’t need to be technically minded to have an advanced marketing campaign that will reach your buyers globally, we have already developed the right strategy for you. 

Combined with feature listings on major real estate websites including and, a full coloured Floor Plan of your home, our ‘stand out from the crowd’ 3D Virtual Tour, Aerial imagery and video, customised eBook and a Social Media campaign, we guarantee your on-line presence will have a huge impact on your competitors.

What’s in the package?

Our Digital Marketing presence has been created with a number of tools to build the perfect online marketing campaign.  The tools we use are:

  • Advertising your property to 9 master websites – this reach is then extended to the sister websites of these 9.
  • A 45 day feature listing on – this gives your property priority positioning on the website with larger photos and branding than a standard listing.
  • A 90 day Platinum listing on – again, priority positioning on the website.
  • Electronic Window Display – our in office window display features your property.
  • Customised eBook – sent instantaneously to any prospective buyer on their initial enquiry.
  • Access to our Utopia Contact Database – an alert of your property’s listing as well as any updates is targeted to buyers who have indicated their specifics for a property match yours.
  • Social Media marketing - by advertising your property to a targeted Facebook audience, we place your property in front of your buyers rather than waiting for them to find it.
  • Photography - A professional Real Estate photographer will enhance your marketing campaign by showing your property in its very best for every first impression.

Now let us explain some of these features further, you may not have heard of a 3D Virtual Tour before now so how will it attract buyers to your property?  

3D Virtual Tours


Welcome to the “Always Open” home…

A 3D Virtual Tour is an online experience that showcases your home to buyers and allows them to move through your property to see it from any angle.  This makes your home always open to buyers, for them to enjoy at their convenience which in turn means you don’t have the hassle of preparing your home for every inspection!  A 3D showcase gives buyers who may be interstate, overseas or just time poor, the opportunity to explore your property, a chance they would not have had otherwise.  Previous clients have had success with selling their property exactly this way, sight unseen in a physical sense yet the buyers knew the property inside and out before their purchase.

Buyers will have a completely unique sense for the place with the “dollhouse” view.  A 3D virtual tour creates an emotional connection with buyers before they even set foot in the home.

The proof is in the statistics, according to REA Group, online visitors spend 3x – 6x more time engaging with property listings that offer an immersive 3D experience.  As a result, properties with virtual tours receive 49% more qualified leads, and buyers are 60% more likely to email an agent, and 95% more likely to call an agent, when a property they’ve seen on includes a virtual tour.

We offer you the option of a 3D Virtual Tour accompanied with a full colour Floorplan, however this is at an extra cost - if you would like further information please just ask! 

Experience a 3D Virtual Tour of one of our properties now - 


How will a Floorplan help?

So why, with a 3D Virtual Tour of your property, do you need a floorplan too?  It’s the link that puts everything in place.  The ability to view a floorplan, in conjunction with photos and a 3D virtual tour of your home, will give your buyer a better perception of your home and how their life will fit into it.

Your floorplan is created in full colour and textured finish, complete with furniture and professionally finished. 



First impressions count and the lead photo of your marketing campaign is, in many cases, the first impression that buyers will have of your property.  While we do offer our own photography of your property, it may be preferable to employ a professional who specialises in Real Estate photography.  We have secured very competitive contract pricing from the most highly regarded Real Estate photographers in the area and we will work with both yourself and the photographer to capture your property from its best perspective. 

To get the best out of property photography we also recommend following a few easy tips to prepare your home before the photographs are taken.

  • Clear all the clutter – create as much open space as possible
  • Tidy all bathrooms, store toiletries off the counter tops, place all toilet seats and lids down
  • Open all blinds to let in the natural light
  • Your lawn should be evenly cut and all weeds removed
  • Make all beds and tidy bedrooms, clothes put away and all laundry baskets out of sight
  • Store away any photos or personal items that you don’t want the world to see
  • Put all kids toys away or neatly stowed, preferably out of sight


Above: The difference between a “do it yourself“ photo and a professional photo

Your Investment

Your Investment

Your Marketing Campaign is an investment designed to bring you the best result in selling your property. Our First Impressions Count marketing campaign delivers maximum impact when your property goes live to the market

Your campaign features:

  • Your advertisement on 9 master websites –
  • The first 45 days of the campaign as a feature listing on
  • The first 90 day of the campaign as a Platinum listing on
  • 3D Virtual Tour - completed with our 3D camera and edited to show a virtual walk-through of your property online.
  • Full Colour Floor Plan - using the images taken with our 3D camera we will create a full colour floorplan of your home.
  • Daily Mercury Real Estate Guide – pay for 4 weeks and receive an extra 2 weeks free with our campaign of print media advertising to enhance your online presence.  The Daily Mercury Real Estate Guide is a weekly lift out section of the local newspaper and your property is advertised in full colour as a quarter page.
  • Professional Photography - we will engage a Professional Photographer to capture your home and give your marketing the perfect touch
  • Full Colour Brochures & Drop Cards - professionally printed 4 page brochures to distribute to prospective buyers and also drop cards to be sent around the neighbourhood, exposing your home to a wider audience.
  • Social Media Campaign – your property is marketed directly to our Facebook audience.
  • Electronic Window Display.
  • Customised eBook.
  • Utopia Contact Database.
  • For Sale corflute signage.

All this for an investment of just $2,655.00

* Please note we are required to have a Current Title Search and Registered Plan search for your property on file. We can supply this for you at a cost of $25 per search which will be added to the marketing invoice.

Full Disclosure

In the interest of full disclosure, let's discuss our commission rate and documents we require for your file...

Our commission rate is 2.95% inclusive of GST.  Commission is payable on the settlement of your contract and is generally paid from the proceeds of the sale, by your solicitor.

When we list your property, we will need to complete an Appointment of Agent with you and we will carefully step you through signing this document when the time comes.

Other documents that we will require for your file will be:

* Current Title Search and Registered Plan - if you are able to supply current documents that's great, otherwise we can get these for you at a cost of $25 each search.

* Most recent Council Rates notice.

* Current Gas Compliance certificate (if applicable).

Current Pool Safety Certificate (if applicable).

* A copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency - Public Liability will generally be attached to your Building Insurance.